Parts ordered and shocks shipped

After a few days of searching for parts I finally placed all the ordereds for parts.  The list wasn’t all that bad except once the controll arms where removed we noticed that the shock stem was bent, and a new shock from BRP is $400!!  I contacted Frank at and he is going to repair it for less the half the price of a new on.  I was able to get the upper & lower control arms from Forest Power Sports here in Prince George and Glen at had new trailing arms since I couldn’t find who made the ones that are on it now.  As for the carbid I was in luck, because the week before I purchased a set of Pilot 6.9′s which I cant wait to try out.  If you ever need shocks rebuilt, fixed or even looking for new ones I highly recommend contacting Frank at he knows his stuff. And a big thank you to Glen at for going out of his way and giving me such a great deal on them. … Continue reading
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Where did that tree come from?

Went for the first ride of the season Saturday November 19, 2011 and ended up hitting a tree.  Okay, okay…. More like chopping down a tree!  And why does bad things always happen toward the end of the day? So here is what happened.  On the way back to the truck, last 10 minutes of trails, my Rox Riser decides to come loose and fell down.  I then lost balance, got tossed and the sled went straight into a tree. Here are a few pics of the damage.  Doesnt look too bad but the control arms (top & bottom) along with LH trailing arm and carbide on the left ski are all bent.  Going to be ordering parts soon. … Continue reading

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Sledding Oct 2009 to March 2010


Pictures Videos … Continue reading

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