Parts ordered and shocks shipped

After a few days of searching for parts I finally placed all the ordereds for parts.  The list wasn’t all that bad except once the controll arms where removed we noticed that the shock stem was bent, and a new shock from BRP is $400!!  I contacted Frank at and he is going to repair it for less the half the price of a new on. 

I was able to get the upper & lower control arms from Forest Power Sports here in Prince George and Glen at had new trailing arms since I couldn’t find who made the ones that are on it now.  As for the carbid I was in luck, because the week before I purchased a set of Pilot 6.9′s which I cant wait to try out. 

If you ever need shocks rebuilt, fixed or even looking for new ones I highly recommend contacting Frank at he knows his stuff.

And a big thank you to Glen at for going out of his way and giving me such a great deal on them.
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